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Baby Naming, Baby Blessing, ​Adoption Welcoming

Do you want to welcome your little one to the world, and introduce them to your circle of family and friends?


In Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders, Ayrshire and Loch Lomond, I can help you create a ceremony where you can appoint Guardians/God-parents, and, if you want, involve other children, friends and family members.


I understand that new parents are often busy, so I can work with you in a way that takes up a minimum of your time.


And my fees for child-welcoming reflect the fact that a new person in the family can be a strain on the budget!


FuneralsMemorial Services, Ash Scatterings

I am available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the Scottish Borders for funerals.


I can also help after a formal funeral has taken place.


I can help you build and hold a Memorial Service which helps you remember and celebrate a loved one. This can be a simple family gathering, or a much larger formal event.


I will travel for Ash Scatterings, or help you create a ceremony for your own use.

Vow Renewals, Coming of Age, Croning, Dedications/Blessings for houses, animals, new ventures (or anything else you'd like to mark as special)

I believe that ceremony helps us through life - helps us mark the important things.


It can help us complete and help us begin.


If you would like to hold a ceremony around anything that matters in your life, I am happy to work with you to bring that into being.


Even if you’re not sure what you want yet, I’m happy to talk, to discuss the possibilities with you.


Perthshire castle winter wedding



As a trained and qualified Spiritual Counsellor, I am available for short-term and longer-term work.


I work with clients from all faiths and none.

I offer a listening ear and a chance for you to reflect on a variety of aspects of life. Decisions, times of transition, sudden changes... It might help to have an outside perspective on that. 


If you are approaching a ceremony, I can help you -

  • prepare, relax

  • talk you through some of the issues that might come up (for example – wedding invitations and arrangements, which can bring up family issues

  • be a sounding board after the event.


I offer a 20-minute mini-session, free of charge, to explore whether I can be of value to you.

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